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Founded in January of 2019, Kicked Out Media was created with the singular goal of simplifying New Media. This includes how people create, consume, and share information in a world where everyone is connected to everyone else at every minute of every day.

Here, you’ll find information and commentary on trending topics on a variety of platforms as well as the goings-on of the platforms themselves. We don’t care so much about the content of what was shared or what’s being said on the internet, but more WHY it was shared or why it’s getting the attention that it is.

We’re always looking for a new angle to take or something new to talk about, so head over to our Contact Page and let us know what you want to see more of.

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From the Editor

I feel like every time I pick up my phone to check a social media platform I find a new trend in how users communicate that I don’t always fully understand. I always wanted somewhere to share my thoughts, but felt as if sharing them on the platform itself was just a little too meta for me. So, I made a website.

Why did I name the site “Kicked Out” Media? Long story short, I was suspended from school for a year while finishing my undergrad at the University of Kentucky. I’ll get into why exactly that happened in a blog post at some point, but that’s not really the point. It became a running joke in my family that I was kicked out of school (instead of just being suspended for a couple of semesters) because that’s what most of my extended family members assumed had happened. They were extremely surprised when I was able to finish in 2018.

I currently reside in Lexington, Kentucky, home of my alma mater, with my girlfriend Marina and two dogs; a sheepadoodle and a border collie with a major shedding issue.

You can always reach me at or on Twitter @drewbcarrier. Thanks for being here!

The door and arrow represent leaving your comfort zone.

drew carrier

Drew Carrier is a Lexington, Kentucky native with a passion for emerging technology, basketball, and talking people out of listening to every word their parents say about what it takes to be successful.